Introduction to Dragon with TalkingPoint

Dragon Software(1 day)


TalkingPoint Gold offers considerable amount of additional functionality to Dragon Naturally Speaking. Together the programs can lead to significant efficiency savings and enhanced hands-free computing.

This course is usually given on a one-to-one basis on the user’s own computer

Who is this course designed for

  • Existing users of Dragon Naturally Speaking Professional who wish to take advantage of TalkingPoint

Course Outline

  • Introduction
    • Installing TalkingPoint
    • Customising the settings to get
  • Basic Commands
    • Working in Command Mode
    • Opening and moving between applications.
    • General Dictation and correcting errors
    • Moving around documents.
    • Formatting Text
    • Cutting and pasting
  • Advanced Tools
    • Creating and editing commands
    • Using the Mouse Grid
    • Moving the mouse pointer and clicking the mouse
    • Dragging objects
  • Application Specific Commands
    • Navigate the WWW
    • Creating specific scripts, for example
      • Sending and receiving emails
      • Creating a letter
      • Bespoke programs
    • Using Playback/ Text to Speech.