Introduction to ClaroRead

ClaroRead Software(½ – 1 day)


ClaroRead has been developed specifically to help those with dyslexia. This training course is designed to familiarise users with the main features of the program.

Course Outline

  • Installing the program.
Customising the Toolbar
  • Customising Toolbar for personal use
  • Overview of the features
Heading Bar
  • The Speech options
  • Changing the Voice
  • Changing the Speed
  • Changing the Pronunciation
  • Changing the Colour Highlighter
  • Reading text
Spell Check
  • How the Spell Check works
  • Turning on Homophones
  • Using the Homophone tool
  • Customising the Homophones
  • Turning off Homophones
Scanning and PDF Aloud
  • Scanning from paper
  • Scanning from file
  • Speech options in PDF Aloud
  • Reading text
Save Audio
  • Turning text into an Audio file
Changing Font and Line Spacing