Introduction to Communication in Print

Communicate In Print(1 day)


Communicate in Print has been developed specifically to help adults with learning difficulties benefit from symbolised written text. This training course is designed to familiarise users with the main features of the program and learn how to design documents for conversion to symbols.

Course Outline

Workshop 1 – Getting Started

Using symbols and carrying out simple tasks that illustrate the difference between effective and ineffective symbol use.

Workshop 2 – Using CiP to make resources

Using examples that come with CiP to illustrate lots of different ways in which CiP can be used to make resources. CiP comes with a variety of templates and we will use these to create some resources. This will provide an overview of how the CiP tools work.

Workshop 3 – Working with text, images & tables

Creating resources from scratch by:

    • Writing in frames
    • Adding images and photos
    • Creating tables

Designing and creating some resources to take away at the end of the day.

Conclusion and Summary