Computer Aids for People with Disabilities

(Presentation or ½ Day Seminar)


This seminar has been designed to increase the awareness of IT and Health professionals of the computer aids available that are likely to be useful for their clients/patients or users. In particular computers can offer:

  • A way of compensating for some physical and neurological deficiencies
  • A way of communicating
  • An attractive and inclusive environment for disabled people
  • A way of socialising for people who are house-bound

Who should attend

  • Occupational therapists
  • Educational psychologists
  • Special needs coordinators, teachers and advisers
  • Health & Safety Managers, IT Managers and IT purchasing staff

Course Outline

  • Introduction
    • How computers can be of help for Mobility problems, Visual impairment, Dyslexia/dyspraxia, Learning difficulties, Communication problems and other special needs for children
  • Aids for Mobility Problems
    • Furniture
    • Supports
    • Special keyboards
    • Special mice
    • Switches
    • Software
  • Visual Impairment
    • High contrast keyboards
    • Customised colour schemes
    • Screen enlargers
    • Screen readers
    • Document scan and readback
  • Dyslexia Aids
    • Filters
    • Software
    • Tools for diagnosis
    • Dyslexia – Software aids
    • Learning software for children
  • Learning Difficulties Aids
    • Software
    • Pictures and symbols
    • Coordination improvement games
    • Experiential programs
  • Communication Aids
    • Voice synthesisers
  • For Children
    • Learning programs
    • Lowercase keyboards
    • Smaller mice
  • Keeping in Touch
    • Internet
    • Email