Introduction to Dolphin Supernova Reader/Magnifier Reader

Dolphin Supernova(1 or 2 days)


Dolphin Supernova Reader and Dolphin Magnifier ReaderĀ are two of the most popular magnification and screen magnification and screen reader programs. This course is designed to help new users to the program to be up-and-running as quickly as possible

Who should attend

  • Users
  • Special Needs teachers
  • Special Needs Coordinators

Course Outline

Introduction (1 hour)
  • What is Dolphin Supernova Reader/Magnifier ReaderĀ and how do they work
  • Differences between Visually Impaired and totally blind usage
  • Creating desktop shortcuts
Basic Commands
  • Magnification Types and the different ways to view a screen
  • Magnification Keystrokes
  • Panning or moving around a screen
Using Lunar Plus as a Screen Reader (3 hours)
  • Basic Keystrokes
  • Navigation Mode
  • Word Processing, creating documents, formatting etc from a VI perspective
Advanced Usage


  • Sending and receiving mail,
  • Using Microsoft Shortcut keys to supplement Lunar keystrokes

WWW (3 hours)

  • Links navigator
  • General tips to help make accessing the web easier
  • (Please note that Supernova is not recommended for use with AOL.)

Map files (3 hours)

  • Improved access to various applications: MSN, Sage Business Works etc