Introduction to Dragon Voice Recognition

Dragon Software(1 or 2 days)


Voice recognition software has developed significantly during the last few years such that it is now a very viable proposition for people with problems with mobility or dyslexia.

Who should attend?

  • Users
  • Special Needs teachers
  • Special Needs Coordinators

Course Outline

  • Installing and training voice
  • How to use Dragon effectively
Basic Tools
  • Opening and moving between applications
  • General Dictation and correcting errors
  • Moving around documents
  • Formatting text
  • Building and editing vocabulary
  • Cutting and pasting
Advanced Tools
  • Creating and editing commands
  • Using the Mouse Grid
  • Moving the mouse pointer and clicking the mouse
  • Dragging objects
Application Specific Commands
  • Using Dragon to navigate the internet
  • Sending and receiving emails
  • Using Playback/Text to speech